Prayer Patrol

A ministry of drive-by prayer for anyone who would love to pray and anyone who needs prayer.

What is Prayer Patrol?

Prayer Patrol is a way to continue to be the church as we navigate the restrictions that are a part of our lives during the Covid-19 outbreak. Prayer Patrol is for two groups of people; The first group of people are those who want to encourage our community through prayer, and the second group of people are those who are interested in being prayed for.

Those interested in praying will be meeting at Indianola First on Friday March 25th at 6pm to eat together in their cars and get their prayer assignments. We would also encourage those who are willing, to make homemade signs with encouraging messages on them to display from their cars while they are praying at their assigned locations. If you would like to pray, just send us an email at

Anyone interested in having one of our prayer teams pull up in your driveway and pray for your family (they won't get our of the car) please fill out the information below. Look for one of our "Prayer Patrol" to be at your house from 6:30-8pm on Friday, March 25th.