Connect Groups

See how we connect different ages, genders, and interests

Connect Groups are interest-based small groups open to the community. Check out the list below and fill out the form if you are interested in participating.


Three times a year - indianola first sanctuary

Join us for a night of connecting with women from different backgrounds & seasons of life to build friendships, worship & pursue Jesus together, and encounter His perfect presence!

Join us in 2023:

March 3rd

July 14th

September 8th

Sisters Walking Through Grief

every wednesday at 8:30 am - fireside bistro

Description: It's very hard to lose someone you love. Grieving takes time and is different for everyone. But it is possible to create a new and fulfilling life for yourself while still cherishing the memories of your relationship and your loved one! This is the journey we will take Sisters, walking through grief. We will meet every Wednesday at 8:30am in the Fireside Bistro for breakfast. We hope you can join us! Click here to sign up!

Men’s Breakfast

once a QUARTER AT 7:00 AM - Fireside Bistro (1700 W. 2nd Ave.)

Our men’s connect group gets together for food and fellowship in the church’s Fireside Room four times a year. Come join us as we get to know each other through conversation and laughter around the breakfast table.


Mondays during the summer starting at 6:30 pm - Pickard Park (2205 E 2nd Ave, Indianola, IA)

This Connect Group offers an outlet for those who can’t stay away from the ballpark. Our season starts in May and runs through August. With three teams, there's room for everyone. Each night is a double-header game that starts as early as 6:30pm and ends as late as 10:00pm.